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Customized metal sheet straightening and cutting to length machine at customer’s factory

From CUNMAC factory to yours: The journey of a C truss (canal) roll forming machine

Size Matters: Exploring the Roller Stations of a Classic Tile Roofing Machine

How we ensure roll forming machines are relevant to your profile’s design with strict testing

Collection of curved roofing sheet styles made with CUNMAC’s Curving Machine

9 Rib-Type profile roll forming machine

Which design of roll forming machine are you mostly interested? The last one will suprise you!

Portable standing seam panel roll forming machine

Roll former machine – Availability of different sizes, styles and colors

Tile Ridge Capping Roll Forming Machine – Quality Testing before Shipment

Set of Corrugated roof sheet machine – Speed 20-24m/min, 914mm

Ceiling drywall roll forming machine (40mpm) with manual uncoiler and run-out table

Collection of Slitting & Cutting to Length Machine Design

Top hat roll forming machine run at customer’s factory

Manufacturer 5 Ribs Roofing From Roll Forming Machine

Master Tile/Prima Metal Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine – Highspeed

Reveal highspeed roll forming machine producing short length of roofing sheeet

Double Deck Roofing Roll Forming Machine – Tile Ruby Roofing + Laphong

Feedback from customer – Roll forming Machine 2in1 – Tile Ruby Roofing + Laphong

Perfect set of Slitting and Cutting to Length machine With Auto Uncoiler

Slitting blade used in mini slitting machine

Automatic production of metal U track for false ceiling application

Automatic production of metal C stud for false ceiling application

Double deck roll forming machine – 2 layers trapezoidal

Close up of C profile for Racking Roll forming Machine

B-deck roll forming machine

How C ceiling drywall frames are made

How to operate Auto Hydraulic Decoiler 6 tons and Pressing Arm

Trimdek 12 Ribs Roll Forming Machine

Double-layer roofing roll forming machine combined with crimping curve machine

Kliplock Roll Forming Machine at construction’s site

Classic tile roofing roll forming machine – High speed

Testing roofing machine at CUNMAC quality control area before shipment

Good quality of roll forming machines – Special discount only from…

Truss and Batten machine, Ceiling and Wall, Channel machines…

C shape purlin roll forming machine

Mini slitting line maximum thickness 1mm

How to operate horiznotal crimping curved machine

How to make roofing sheet from a roll of coil?

Corrugated roofing roll forming machine

How hollow machines work at customer’s factory

Close view of Classic Tile Roof Roll Forming Machine Operates

Semi auto decoiler 2 tons for frame production line

Trapezoidal/ Spandek/Trimdek/4 angles roofing roll forming machine

Double head uncoiler/ decoiler

How to operate vertical crimping curved machine

Ceiling drywall roll forming machine (40mpm)

Hollow bars in mass production with CUNMAC hollow roll forming machine

Auto hydraulic decoiler uncoiler with coil car

U shape roll forming machine

How hydraulic press brake machine works? Max thickness 1mm

Entrance lelveling for purlin machine line

C/U Truss roll forming line

Ribtype roll forming machine

C truss (Canal) Kanal roll forming machine

How Slitting & Cutting to Length Machine Works

Metal C Stud Drywall Roll Forming Machine

Classic Tile Roll Forming Machine

2 Profile in 1 Machine – Batten roll forming machine

Tophat Roll Forming Machine – Also call Lito/Batten/Reng Machine

MINI SLITTING MACHINE – A must-have a machine for roof factories

C Truss/ SmartTruss/ C canal Roll Forming Machine

Slitting and cutting machine

Step Tile Roll Forming Machine at customer’s factory

Shipment of C stud roll forming machine to customer

Hydraulic Auto Decoiler/ Uncoiler

How Slitting and Cutting to length machine operates at customer’s factory

Special (S-curve) crimp curve roll forming machine

Slitting and cutting to length machine combined with auto decoiler

Trimdek 4 Rib Roll Forming Machine Innorib 715

Double Deck Roofing Roll Forming Machine 2 in 1

Trapezoidal 5 Ribs Type Roll Forming Machine

Slitting and Cutting to Length Machine for Metal Sheet

Tile ridge cap roll forming machine

Shutter door roll forming machine

U Track C Stud Ceiling Forming Machine

Design machine – Ruby Tile Roofing roll forming machine

[Must-have sets] Trapezoidal Sheet Forming Machine + Crimping curve + Decoiler

STANDARD roofing roll forming machine with OPP machine

Classic tile roll forming machine used in Indonesia

Roll Forming Machine at customer’s sitemachine

Corrugated 9 & 11 Line Roll Forming Machine machine


Standard pressing curve forming machine

Mini slitting machine

Standard pressing curve forming machine

How auto decoiler works?

Simple capping roll forming machine

Hollow roll forming machine

Slitting & cutting to length machine

Ceiling/drywall/furring/ C line roll forming machine