How long has your company been manufacturing roll forming machines?

With over 15 years of experience, we have built a reputation for designing, producing and delivering high-quality and innovative roll forming solutions to customers across the globe.



What types of roll forming machines do you manufacture?

CUNMAC has a wide range of roll formers, including roofing, floordeck, channel, lightweight channel, ceiling and drywall roll forming machine, and many more. Click here to see full list

Can your roll forming machines be customized to meet specific requirements?

Yes, of course. As long as customers send us the machine profile’s drawing, we will customize it according to the specific requirements provided.

What materials can be processed by your roll forming machines?

They include PI & PPGI (galvanized, zincalume, color-coated steel), with a special focus on aluminum and IBR products.

What industries can use your roll forming machines?

Our machine can be used in companies operating in the sheet metal, construction and manufacturing industries.

What is the lifespan of your roll forming machines?

Our machines have a typical lifespan of 5-10 years, which may vary depending on customer’s productivity levels and maintenance practices.

What is the cost of your roll forming machines?

Once customers send us the machine profile’s drawing, thickness, width of the coil and other requirements, we will promptly provide a quotation within 1-2 hours.

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver a roll forming machine?

Time from 30-90 days depending on the type of machine and the quantity of machines.

Do you provide spare parts for your roll forming machines?

Yes we do. Besides, customers who have previously made purchases with us are offered priority for the original price.



Do you offer shipping options that include CIF?

Yes. Once customers provide us with the unloading port, we will promptly give them the CIF price quotation.

How do you offer maintenance and repair services for your roll forming machines?

Service and repair are supported 24/7. Parts are backed by a 2-year warranty.

What is the payment process for purchasing your roll forming machine?

It is open to negotiation, allowing for flexibility to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Do you offer CO form D or form B?

We provide both options, and the choice depends on the specific circumstances.



What is the warranty on your roll forming machines?

All CUNMAC products are warranted for free within the warranty period 24 months. Warranty period starts from the date of delivery indicated on the delivery notice.


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