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B-Deck roll forming machine

 Total power 11kW (3 phase, 50hz, 380v)
 Speed 20 – 24m/min
 Dimension (LxWxH) ~11.0×2.2×1.6m
 Weight ~8.5 tons
 Material thickness 22 – 20 gauge (0.7mm – 0.9 mm)

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What is a B-Deck roll forming machine?

B-Deck roll forming machine is a metal deck machine manufacturing a popular structural metal decking named B-Deck.

B-Deck panels with noticeable features such as lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install will be suitable for construction which requires lightness but sustainability. In practice, B-Deck decking sheets are used frequently for applications like flooring, siding, and roofing.

B-Deck metal roofing panel

Type B-Deck is classified into 2 types B Roof Deck and B Floor Deck with unique points for each type but identical dimensions 36” coverage and 1.5” rib. B Roof Deck is a smooth non-composite structural metal roof deck panel. It provides strong capacity to support the built-up roofing. Meanwhile, B Floor Deck is a composite metal floor deck panel to have concrete poured over it.

B-Deck roll forming machine

B-Deck roll forming machine of CUNMAC

Main advantages of CUNMAC’s B-Deck roll forming machine:

Especially, B-Deck roll forming machine of CUNMAC can meet other requirements of customers such as:

    • One beam welding
    • Good weld treatment
    • Provide the manual with all spare part list
    • Bolts keeping brackets from moving top the plate
    • Two bolts bottom the seat
    • Machine drawing and profile measurement in inch

The exquisite processing technology makes our machine more smooth in operation and it has a longer service life. The profile produced by our roll forming machine is straight and horizontal, with high accuracy in flatness and distortion, and the length accuracy can be controlled within plus or minus 1mm. The machine can be disassembled into 2 sections for easy transportation and installation.

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  • Automatic roll forming and cutting with Inverter, PLC, HMI
  • Automatic programmable length settings via the touch panel
  • Roller and blade are fabricated from alloy and SKD11 steel 60-62HRC
  • Electrical and hydraulic components made from Japan, Germany
  • Save history for orders in 30 days
  • Customize design
  • Stable operation with strong power and body frame

1. B-Deck roll forming machine 1219-1250mm

 Items Details
Total power 11kW (3 phase, 50hz, 380v)
Speed 20 – 24m/min
Dimension (LxWxH) ~11.0×2.2×1.6m
Weight of machine ~8.5 tons
Station quantity 22 pairs
Thickness of material 22-20 gauge (0.7mm – 0.9 mm)
Roller material S45C, solid shaft 75mm
Coil width 1250mm
Cutting system Hydraulic (pre-cutting system, profile cutting system)
Control system Automatic with Inverter, PLC, HMI, hydraulic Automatic cutting to length with pre-cutting system and profile-cutting system
Control box Separate with machine
Tolerance of lengths ±2mm/6000mm
Machine wall 25mm
Cutting blade SKD11 (Japan)
Frame H beam 500mm
Roller material S45C (Taiwan), Chroming

2. Auto Hydraulic Decoiler 8 tons

 Items Details
Total power 7.7 kw (3 phase, 50hz, 380v)
Speed 0 – 30m/min (can adjustable following roofing machine)
Dimension (LxWxH) 2.8m x 1.2m x 1.4m
Weight of machine ~2.5 tons
Station quantity 22 pairs
Thickness of material 22 – 20 gauge (0.7mm – 0.9 mm)
Loading 8 tons
Coil width 1250mm
Control system + Rotation by gear motor with Inverter

+ Expand/collapse by hydraulic

+ Adjust speed by timer

Transmission system by gear motor with Inverter Mitsubishi
Range of expansion 440 – 515mm

3. Auto Stacker 8M

 Items Details
Weight of auto stacker 3 tons
Machine dimension 8.5m x 1.8 m x 1.8m
Length of feeding 8m
Loading 1 ton
Pneumatic system air pump (air supply power), equipped by user Air compressor ( 7.5Hp, 36CFM) equipped by user
Storage table Move between the left and right by gear motor with chain
Feeding system Delivering material by transmission shaft
Control system of machine Controlled automatically from PLC system of cutting to length machine


About Cunmac Machinery

Cunmac proudly provides

CUNMAC proudly provides B-Deck roll forming machine in domestic and international markets including Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, America.

 in domestic and international markets including Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, America.

All Cunmac machines are professionally and reasonably made in Vietnam, our goal is to provide flexible machines with the best quality and customized designs which give customers unique benefits and experiences.


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