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1. CUNMAC will accept orders from the Client by any means the order is supplied and will invoice the Client in writing when accepted. The Company may accept orders from the Client or anyone whom the Company reasonably believes to be an employee or representative or agent of the Client without having to ask that person to have additional authority to place orders. Any order from the Client to the Company for the supply of goods will not bind the Company until accepted by the Company.

2. Any quote provided by CUNMAC is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of quote. After this period, this quote is void at the discretion of the Company. After receiving a quote, the Client must place an order with the Company in connection with the quote. The price quoted in any Company quote applies only to that quote and will not apply in any other case.


Website does not have the function of selling, only introducing the company’s products. The payment will be made according to the contract signed by both parties.


1. Warranty period:

All CUNMAC products are warranted for free within the warranty period 24 months. Warranty period starts from the date of delivery indicated on the delivery notice.

2. Warranty conditions:

Equipment renewal: All equipment in products provided by CUNMAC must meet the above warranty conditions and damage caused by CUNMAC production and technical inspection cannot be repaired anymore, CUNMAC will renew the equipment.

We will carry out a warranty for all technical problems with errors caused by manufacturing and installation.

Warranty goods must still have warranty stamps, product stamps and a receipt proving that you have purchased from CUNMAC.

3. The cases are not covered by the warranty

– The product is no longer warranty period

– The product nameplate on the machine cannot be identified.

– Product is damaged due to the impact of mechanical deformation, damage caused by subjective human causes such as: dropping, impacting, scratching, distortion, wet, rust, watery or fire, natural disasters, electric shock, fire and explosion.

– The product shows signs of damage caused by rodents or insects.

– The product is not used in accordance with the instructions, using the wrong voltage regulation.

– Users remove and repair machinery and equipment by themselves in the warranty.

– The equipment and supplies belong to the type of consumable materials such as: belt, transmission chain, paint color, decorative plating color

All equipment purchased at CUNMAC has expired warranty period or is in non-warranty conditions will be repaired and replaced by CUNMAC at reasonable price.

4. Guarantee to claim warranty

You can call or email the customer service department of the company to claim warranty.


Telephone/whatsapp: +84 981 402 902

Mail: cs@cunmac.com


All customer requests are agreed and clarified in the Contract, at the same time we deliver the whole, the original package so we don’t have a return policy.

Obligations of the seller and the obligations of the customer in each transaction: specified in the contract


After you have placed an order successfully, our Customer Service team will contact you at the phone / email number you provide to verify your order, and notify you of the time when you receive the goods, along with other necessary information.

After the verification is successful, the order will be delivered to you following the contract


– In case the customer needs the goods urgently, the shipping fee will vary upon the destination.

– In case of delay in product delivery or service provision, we will inform early to customers.