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Metal roofing materials & suitable roll forming machine

corrugated steel panel roll forming machine

There are many types of roofing these days. Due to its excellent advantages, such as a variety of thicknesses, colors and easy construction, metal roofing material is very common.

Today, let’s go with Cunmac deeper to understand the 3 most common metal roofing materials and find a suitable roll forming machine.


Standing Seam/ Seamlock

The standing seam looks terrific. And it can handle a wide range of conditions well. Proper ventilation and an air gap between the roof and the decking must be carefully designed, however… a properly installed seam lock roof will last for several decades.
While tin was once made for this form of roofing, today’s metal roofing is specially painted steel. That makes it last even longer than that.
seamlock roofing machine standing seam


Corrugated metal roofing

Corrugated metal roofing sheet is one of the common and less costly metal roofing materials. With the new paints and finishes available, it may be a fantastic-looking roof.

It can also potentially last for decades, although even a perfectly installed corrugated roof will typically not last as long as a standing seam roof is perfectly installed.

The corrugated iron coil is designed into rolls, 1200mm flat, is put into the corrugated roll forming machine

Corrugated metal roofing panel is commonly used for roofing in a wide range of applications include:

  • Household constructionssuch as houses, kiosks, shops, restaurants, etc,…;
  • Industrial workshops such as warehouses, factories, offices, …;
  • Public buildings such as hospitals, clinics, schools, commissars, departments, theater or amusement parks.
corrugated metal roof panels
Corrugated metal roof panels

Cunmac is a global corrugated roofing machine manufacturer from Vietnam

Outstanding advantages of corrugated metal roofing sheet:

  • After rolling, the useful gauge when roofing with 1 wave is 1000mm, making it easy to calculate the number of sheets and the length.
  • The circular wave design helps the corrugated iron cross-section in contact with rainwater low, so it reduces noise perfectly and is well insulated.
  • Zinc, cold and colored corrugated iron are all rolled around corrugated iron
  • The average thickness of corrugated iron from 0.30mm (3 dem) to 0.50mm (5 dem) helps people have many choices for many different uses.
  • Specification, cutting length as required


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Metal tile roofing material

For all metal roofs (other than bad installation problems), the main complaint is NOISE. Because rain can produce far more noise than most people would imagine.
On the other hand a metal roof, many people still enjoy the sound of rain for the strength of this roofing material is undeniable.

roof tile making machine


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All Cunmac machines are professionally and reasonably made in Vietnam for a variety of metal roofing materials. Our goal is to provide flexible machines with the best quality and customized designs that give customers unique benefits and experiences.


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