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Details of C truss, SMARTRUSS® | Truss roll forming machine


SMARTRUSS c truss –  is a roof truss system that offers durability, affordability, strength, and stability. The system is convenient and cost-effective, as well as quick and easy to deliver and assemble on site.

Lower Lifetime Costs

SMARTRUSS® system is manufactured from high tensile strength, long life Truecore® steel that is backed by a material warranty* of up to 50 years. It provides a lightweight alternative to timber roof framing and is competitively priced as the system’s structural integrity leads to lower lifetime costs.

Engineered for Strength

SMARTRUSS® is subjected to comprehensive and rigorous testing processes conducted in our world-class structural testing laboratory. Full truss test rig and web compression, torsion bearing, and bottom chord tension tests are conducted to guarantee the system’s structural integrity.

Benefits of SMARTRUSS® System:

  • It is durable and strong
  • Offers corrosion protection for long and maintenance-free life
  • It is fully-engineered and light-weight
  • Has accurate dimensions
  • Easy site assembly that requires minimum skill
  • Requires minimum storage space
  • Speeds up the construction process
  • Designed to support any type of roofing product
  • Roof designs for most shapes of roofs and ceilings
  • Does not warp, rot and shrink
  • Termite resistant
  • Fire resistant

More details of LYSAGHT® SMARTRUSS®, please find the catalog here

Who is CUNMAC?

As a global manufacturer of roof panel roll forming machines with over 15-year experience, Cunmac believes in building partnerships and provides comprehensive customer services. Through resources, innovative solutions and expert service, we are committed to a stable production with good quality and great services. Cunmac products have been trusted and used by customers all over the world, which demonstrates Cunmac’s reliability and trustworthiness. SMARTRUSS c truss


To give a better quotation and meet exactly your requirements, could you advise detailed information as below:


  • Which kind of roof roll forming machines do you need?
  • Profile or sample’s pictures
  • Thickness and width of coil SMARTRUSS c truss

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