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Common Materials Used In Roll Forming

common materials used in roll forming
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From flat sheets to desired shapes. Let’s jump into this article to explore some common materials used in roll forming now!


Roll forming is a continuous process where the metal sheet or strip is passed through a series of rollers, each set of rollers gradually bending the materials into the desired shape or profile.

Rollers of roll forming machine

Rollers of roll forming machine


1/ Steel

An alloy of iron and carbon, with less than 2% carbon, 1% manganese and small amounts of other elements.

2/ Stainless steel

Contains a high percentage of chromium, resistant to rusting and corrosion so ideal for hygienic environments.

Steel coil

Steel coil

3/ Galvanized and galvannealed steel

– Both are zinc-coated, designed for rust and corrosion resistance.

– Galvannealed steel is easier to shape and paint, but it has a duller appearance compared to the spangle surface of galvanized steel.

Galvanized and galvannealed steel

Galvanized and galvannealed steel

4/ Aluminum

A soft, malleable, and lightweight metal with excellent corrosion resistance as well as electrical and thermal conductivity.

Aluminum coil

Aluminum coil

5/ Brass

A copper and zinc alloy featuring a bright, gold-like color and a high resistance to corrosion.

Brass coil

C purlin roll forming machine

Through this post, CUNMAC team has given you some common materials used in roll forming. Don’t forget to follow the next issue of our series #defineterms to update more useful information.

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