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Common Things About Material Thickness in Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Let’s go with CUNMAC to explore interesting things and some popular terms about material thickness in roofing roll forming machines! MATERIAL THICKNESS IN ROOFING ROLL FORMING MACHINE The material thickness for a roofing roll forming machine can vary depending on the specific machine and application. Typical sheet thicknesses range from 0.2mm to 0.6mm. Gauge is […]

Difference between slitting and cutting machine

Cutting or Slitting? What is the difference between them? Let’s go with CUNMAC to unveil the distinctions through this post now! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CUTTING AND SLITTING – Cutting makes straight cuts across material to create separate pieces. – Cutting makes flat sheets or specific-sized pieces from materials. – Slitting is dividing a material into narrow […]

basic things to know about leveling machine

basic things to know about leveling machine

Let’s have a cup of tea with CUNMAC and roll out the basic things about the leveling machine as well as its combination with other machines now!  1/ What is a leveling? How does the leveling machine work? – Leveling is a process using a leveling machine that to fix coil shape, make the surface […]

All about purlins, C purlin and Z purlin

all about purlins c purlin and z purlin

Let’s go with CUNMAC to discover the important role of purlins in roofing structures. Besides, learn about C purlin and Z purlin and their differences. 1. What is a purlin? Historically named purline, purloyne, purling or perling, is a longitudinal, horizontal, structural member in a roof. Purlin is a beam used for support in structures, […]

Basic things to know about trapezoidal roofing sheet

Basic Things to Know About Trapezoidal Roofing Sheet

Let’s go with CUNMAC to discover the key facts about Trapezoidal Roofing Sheets – their names, materials, applications, common profile drawings and how to produce them. 1.  What are trapezoidal roofing sheets? Trapezoidal roofing sheets are shaped like a trapezoid, available in various colors. They go by different names in different countries: Rib-type, Spandek, Trimdek, […]

Truss and batten – A perfect couple for lightweight structure

truss and batten

A reliable roof requires a combination of roof trusses and roof battens. Let’s check the difference between them and their role in the roofing system now! 1. What is roof truss and roof batten? A truss is a structure using straight materials to form the roof in a triangle shape. The trusses combine and connect […]

Basic things to know about roll forming machines

basic things to know about roll forming machine

Let’s go with CUNMAC to rolling out the basics of roll forming machines with this post now! 1/ What is roll forming machines? A roll forming machines is a piece of equipment used in the manufacturing industry to shape metal sheets or coils into a wanted shape or profile. The process producing products is a […]

Basic things to know about IBR roof sheeting

Basic things to know about IBR roof sheeting

IBR roof sheeting is a popular roofing solution, but do you know the basics? Here are things you should know before you invest in this type of roofing. 1/ What is IBR roof sheeting? IBR (Inverted Box Rib) roofing sheet is an angular trapezoidal fluted profile sheet. IBR roof sheeting is designed for use as […]

Distinguish Width of coil vs Effective width of coil

width of coil and effective width

Q: What is the difference between effective width and width of coil? A: Width of coil is also called feeding width, refers to the distance between the two edges of the raw material coil.  Effective width or cover/finished width, is the usable width of the material coil after it has been roll-formed, or width of […]