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What is Cold-Formed Steel Framing? – 3 mins reading

cold formed steel framing

Go with CUNMAC – Cold-formed steel framing with useful things to know about. Jump into this article to find out! 1. What is Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Framing? Cold-formed steel framing, alternatively referred to as light gauge steel (LGS) framing or cold-formed steel truss, refers to thin steel that has been rolled by cold-working processes to […]

Truss and batten – A perfect couple for lightweight structure

truss and batten

A reliable roof requires a combination of roof trusses and roof battens. Let’s check the difference between them and their role in the roofing system now! 1. What is roof truss and roof batten? A truss is a structure using straight materials to form the roof in a triangle shape. The trusses combine and connect […]

Details of C truss, SMARTRUSS® | Truss roll forming machine


SMARTRUSS c truss –  is a roof truss system that offers durability, affordability, strength, and stability. The system is convenient and cost-effective, as well as quick and easy to deliver and assemble on site. Lower Lifetime Costs SMARTRUSS® system is manufactured from high tensile strength, long life Truecore® steel that is backed by a material […]