Which kind of ridge capping to choose: Flat ridge or Tile ridge?

ridge cap roll forming machine

What is a ridge cap?

Ridge cap is a particular shingle that was created to withstand the severe wind that blows across a roof’s ridge. A ridge cap is not only thicker than a standard shingle, but it is also pre-bent to avoid cracking when folded over the ridge. Ridge cap is made by capping/nok roll forming machine

Ridge-cap shingles cover the roof’s peak, where two angles meet and serve an important function in preventing rain and melting snow from pouring into the home. Ridge-cap shingles might degrade faster than the rest of the roof surface because they are twisted over the roof.

Which kind of ridge capping to choose: Flat ridge or Tile ridge?

There are two main styles of ridge capping: 

Ridge cap type flat capping
Ridge cap type flat capping
Ridge cap type tile capping
Ridge cap type tile capping








Compare flat material thickness and width between flat capping and tile capping

Ridge capping style can be produced to the customer’s request.

Longspan capping Tile capping
Material thickness 0.15 – 0.5mm (G300-G550) 0.25 – 0.5mm (G300-G450)
Material width 300; 304; 400; 457mm 300; 304; 400; 457mm

How to make ridge capping?

To make a metal roofing ridge cap, we use a Ridge cap machine also called a Metal roof ridge cap roll forming machine, Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine/ridge cap roll forming machine, Top Cap Roll Forming Machine, Top Hat Cap Roll Forming Machine, Ridge Valley Roll Forming Machine, ridge cap forming machine.

Take a look at the video below to understand how ridge capping is made by a longspan ridge cap roll forming machine

Compare Longspan/Flat ridge machine &Tile ridge cap machine.

Longspan capping roll forming machine Tile capping roll forming machine
Total power 3.7 – 15kw 5.5 – 15kw
Speed 12- 15m/min 4 – 8m/min
Dimension (LxWxH) (6-8)x(1.0-1.4)x1.4m (6-8)x(1.0-1.4)x1.4m
Weight of machine 3 – 12 tons 3.5 – 12 tons
Roller station 08 – 20 10- 20
Material thickness 0.15 – 0.5mm (G300-G550) Material width150 – 450mm 0.25 – 0.5mm (G300-G450)
Material width 150 – 450mm 300 – 457mm

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                     Tile capping roll forming machine

Which type of ridge capping is common in your area? Please comment below and share your opinion.

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