Metal Sheet Straightening/ Leveling Machine 300×8 mm

metalsheet straightening machine
In July 2020, CUNMAC successfully delivered the metal sheet straightening/leveling machine to customers in Da Nang city – Locate in the middle of Vietnam


Strong machine with 5.5Kw power

Speed 8 – 12 m/min

Coil width from 30 to 300 mm

Coil thickness from 2.0 to 8.0 mm

G300 to G450 hardness

The machine is customized to customer’s requirements of leveling & cutting to length machine whose functions include Leveling, Slitting and Cutting to length

Automatic roll straightening and cutting with Omron encoder and Autonics counter

Roller and blade are fabricated from alloy and SKD11 steel 60-62HRC


Cunmac proudly provides metal Sheet Straightening/ leveling Machine in domestic and international market including Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, America.


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