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From Beams to Uprights: Exploring the Components of Pallet Racking

components of pallet racking
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From upright frames to wire decks, these components of pallet racking are essential to form the system, which is a good solution for efficient warehouse organization. Let’s go with CUNMAC to explore now!

1/ What is a pallet racking system?

A pallet racking system, also known as warehouse storage rack or pallet rack system, is a handling storage system designed to store and organize materials on pallets.

Pallet racking consists of horizontal rows of racks with multiple levels to store palletized materials. This system is commonly used in warehouses and industrial settings to efficiently utilize vertical space and organize goods for easy access and retrieval.

Industrial pallet racking system

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2/ The important role of pallet racking system

Pallet racking system plays a vital role in warehouses and industrial settings by efficiently organizing goods, optimizing storage space, and improving overall operations, leading to increased productivity, streamlined material handling, and cost-effective storage solutions.

3/ General components of pallet racking

General components of pallet racking and its structure

General components of pallet racking and its structure

There are some main parts forming a basic pallet racking: uprights, beams, bracings and wire decks.

3.1 Pallet racking uprights

Pallet racking uprights, also referred to as omega racks, upright frames, or upright posts, are the vertical channels that support the horizontal beams in a pallet racking system. These uprights play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and strength of the entire pallet racking structure.

Omega/Upright pallet racks

Omega/Upright pallet racks

3.2 Pallet racking beams

Pallet racking beams, also known as shelf beams, cross beams, or load beams, are the horizontal components that connect to the uprights in a pallet racking system. These beams are essential elements that form the shelves where palletized materials are stored.

Pallet racking beams and some ways to connect with uprights

3.3 Pallet racking bracings (crossbars)

Pallet racking bracings or crossbars, which include horizontal bracings and diagonal bracings, serve to connect upright frames and provide additional side support, effectively preventing lateral movement of the structure.

Pallet racking bracings (crossbars)

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3.4 Wire decks

Wire decks, or wire mesh decking, are grid-like panels made of wire mesh that are designed to be placed on racking beams to create a shelf to store goods. Wire decks also enhance safety by preventing items from falling through the racking levels allow better visibility and airflow within the storage system.

Wire decks for pallet racking system

Wire decks for pallet racking system

4/ Racking roll forming machine of CUNMAC

CUNMAC Vietnam has provided a range of racking roll forming machines producing industrial storage racking beams and channels.

Racking roll forming machines of CUNMAC

Racking roll forming machines of CUNMAC

4.2/5 - (5 votes)

5/ About CUNMAC Machinery

CUNMAC Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cold roll forming solutions that addresses the demands of the modern construction industry. With over 15 years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative roll forming solutions to customers across the globe.

Our products are delivered across many markets: America, France, Italy, Korea, Australia, India, Angola, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

CUNMAC Machinery has a wide range of roll formers, including:

All Cunmac machines are professionally and reasonably made in Vietnam, our goal is to provide flexible machines with the best quality and customized designs which give customers unique benefits and experiences.

If you are ready to get more information please contact our consultants today, we would be really happy to assist you.


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