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Basic Differences Between I-Beam And H-Beam You Need To Know

differences between I-beam and H-beam
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What are the differences between I-beam and H-beam? Are they only used in construction? Let’s jump into this post to find out now!


A beam is a structural element that supports a building or structure, used to bear a load from some other member, such as a foundation or the walls. Steel beams are usually classified by their shapes (I-beam, H-beam, L-beam, box beam…).

The most common steel beam is the I-beam. The beam consists of two flat horizontal surfaces known as flanges connected by a horizontal element referred to as a web. Its cross-section resembles a capital letter I with serifs, therefore the name I-beam. When positioned horizontally, it takes on the shape of a capital letter H, and is also known as an H-beam.

Steel beam and its applications

Steel beam and its applications

In making machine framings, H-beam and I-beam are popular choices to make a stronger body frame.

At CUNMAC, depending on the kind of machine, I-beam or H-beam will be used flexibly and properly for the machine frame. Some kinds of machines provided: roofing/wall cladding/decking roll forming machine, truss/purlin roll forming machine, profile roll forming machine…

Base frame and wall frame of CUNMAC machines


At first look, both I-beam and H-beam look similar, but there are some basic different points between them:

– H-beam is also called wide flange

– H-beam is often heavier than I-beam

– H-beam has a thicker web as compared to I-beam

– Top and bottom flanges of H-beam are longer and thicker than I-beam flanges

– H-beam is stronger and can take a heavier load than I-beam

– A single H-beam can cover a great distance/span than an I-beam

I-beam and H-beam in comparison

Through this post, CUNMAC team has given you basic differences between I-beam and H-beam you need to know. Don’t forget to follow the next issue of our series #defineterms to update more useful information.

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