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The Journey of a set of Slitting and Cutting to length Machine to Customer in Vietnam

shipment of slitting and cutting to length machine

CUNMAC has a successful shipment of a set of slitting and cutting to length machine to our valued customer in Vietnam. Jump into this article for more information! CUNMAC Vietnam is delighted to announce the successful shipment and delivery of the product – Slitting and cutting to length machine – to our valued customer in […]

Difference between slitting and cutting machine

Cutting or Slitting? What is the difference between them? Let’s go with CUNMAC to unveil the distinctions through this post now! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CUTTING AND SLITTING – Cutting makes straight cuts across material to create separate pieces. – Cutting makes flat sheets or specific-sized pieces from materials. – Slitting is dividing a material into narrow […]

5 must-have machines to start your roofing business

industrial machinery press brake

Go with Cunmac – Before checking out 5 must-have machines for your new roofing factory, let us take a quick look at how to start your own roofing Business while avoiding the mistakes. Plan Not to Fail. With all the lists of what to do, what to get and where to get it, how come […]