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Metal profile cladding

standing seam

Introduction Metal profile sheets can be used as a form of external cladding, and are commonly used for agricultural, industrial, retail and leisure buildings. Sheets are manufactured in a range of corrugated and other profiles, such as trapezoidal, sinusoidal or half-round. The profiles are manufactured from sheets fed through banks of forming rollers. Modern manufacturing techniques allow metals to be pre-aged, coated with preservatives, or painted a wide range of hues and texture. Metal profile sheets can be installed vertically, horizontally or […]

Trapezoidal Profile Roofing Sheets | Features and How to produce?

4 angle roofing roll forming machine

Trapezoidal Profile Roofing Sheets are profile sheets that have trapezoidal shaped profile shape and these are coated with multiple beautiful colors to give attractive appearance. These sheets are available in white, grey, green, blue, terracotta, ivory, brown and more beautiful colors. These roofing sheets provide the perfect combination with the roofing to match the attractive look […]